Wide diversity among the 31 candidates who aspire to the Miss Earth Puerto Rico crown

During Sunday afternoon, one of the hallways of Plaza Las Americas served as a stage to officially present the 31 candidates, aspiring to win one of two titles within the world of beauty pageants, Miss Earth Puerto Rico 2024where you also select Miss Global Puerto Rico 2024.

Before a euphoric audience, which gathered with flags from various towns and banners with photos of their favorite candidate, the varied group of women who ranged from 18 to 34 years old paraded, for whom there is no stipulated height or weight as a requirement.

On the wrist, each one proudly wore the ribbon that bears the name of the town they represent as they paraded dressed in a black top, which, as part of its design, included a huge bow as a focal point. In this way they looked uniformed, in an outfit that most combined with a skirt and others with pants.

While the presentation enjoyed the animation of the actress Larissa Dones, Among those most applauded by the public were the candidates from Barranquitas, Culebra, Mayaguez, San Juan, Toa Baja and Vega Baja.

Led by the national director, Joe Ahmed, they are heading towards what will be the sixth edition of the local contest, to be held on February 4 of next year.

This pageant, according to Ahmed, is one of the four major international beauty pageants, which has been open to diversity and inclusion. This is also reflected in the group of Puerto Rican candidates, for example, the candidates from Humacao and Carolina are mothers. On the other hand, Arecibo, Cayey, Lajas, Las Piedras, and Rio Grande are short, while the participants from Mayaguez and Juncos measure 6 feet.

On the way to Vietnam to seek the second crown

The moment also served to introduce and address the public. Miss Earth Puerto Rico 2023, Victoria Arochowho will represent the island next December in the Miss Earththe 23rd edition will take place in Vietnam, where it will compete against 120 candidates.

“I am grateful to carry Puerto Rico on my chest for the international competition. It has been a few months of a lot of hard work, a lot of preparation, discipline and responsibility, but always with the focus of giving my best and being the best version of myself in that international competition. My organization has prepared me in all areas, so I am grateful to them”highlighted the 21-year-old young woman, a Communications graduate.

The Miss Earth pageant, based in the Philippines, seeks to advocate for environmental awareness, conservation and social responsibility. In the case of Arocho, part of her mission is to give continuity to a social project that began when she was elected as a representative of Caguas, called “Green Energy”.

“With this project, what we are doing is reinforcing it to take it to the international level in Miss Earth, which focuses on raising awareness and conserving our environment in an educational way. What we do are campaigns every Wednesday to inform people about what details and what things we can do to conserve our environmentnot having big changes, but starting with something, because clearly everything is done with time and preparation, and everything has a process”, highlighted the beauty who, as part of the awards, will go to the Philippines to take training during the three weeks prior to the contest.

From there you will be able to cover other areas in your preparation, beyond the mastery of the catwalk, diction and projection that you already receive on the island. “I normally speak Spanish, but in the contest we all know that it is focused and spoken in English, so that is also part of my preparation in the Philippines”added the queen, who is looking for the second crown for Puerto Rico, because Puerto Rican Nelly Pimentel won the international title in 2019.

Highlight female empowerment

In addition, Miss Global Puerto Rico 2023, Ashley Melendez, He paraded and was present at the same presentation activity of the candidates, in which they gave small trees to the attendees.

“Miss Global is looking to empower women. So basically that is what we are working on now, to show the best skills that we Puerto Rican women have.”highlighted the 26-year-old queen, who represented Fajardo in the local pageant.

Contrary to Miss Earth, in which candidates can be between 18 and 26 years old, Miss Global allows the participation of women between 18 and 35 years old, and they can be married, divorced, and have children. “It was one of the first contests that is carrying out what inclusion is. It is something very beautiful that we are seeing within beauty pageants today, ”she said.

Melendez mentioned the project with which he has been working, and which can also be obtained through social networks, such as “Conectando.PR”.

“What we are looking for is precisely, I think the word says it, to connect with yourself. “Be who you are regardless of those differences that characterize us within one woman and the other, simply be you, be genuine and have that power of knowing that in the end we all have something beautiful to offer the world.”explained the beauty, who will face 70 participants in the Miss Global, to be held next November in Vietnam.

The group where Arocho and Melendez’s successors will be chosen is made up of:

Aguadilla, Natasha Gisela

Arecibo, Jazzymar Galarza

Barranquitas, Eidiris Rojas

bayamon, Yarivel Pinto

caguas, Karla M Paez

canovanasJetsymil Matos

CarolinaRosangenith Martinez

CatanoAntonia Stephen

Cayey, Rosangelie Colon

Citron, Jeshmarie M. Ramos

Snake, Nathalie Cristina Santa Cruz;

GoldenKrishan and Saint George

Fajardo, Karelyn Santiago; Guaynabo, Araceliz Cruz

humacaoShirliean Camacho;

Isabella, Paola J Morales

ReedsAdriana De La Cruz

slabs, Crisnathalyan Santiago

The stones, Ariana Abreu

LoizaKeyla N. Torres

MayaguezBianca Caraballo

Ponce, Natalia Aldarondo

Rio Grande, Lourdes M. Villafanez

Santurce, Juli Nazario

San Juan, Genesis Tremols

Saint Sebastian, Kiana Medina

Toa AltaYamilka D. Ortiz;

Toa BajaIsadora M. Torres

Trujillo Alto, Alayla Morales

Vega Baja, Delianis M. Bruno

Yabucoa, Chabelli Diquez

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