Will Smith responds to Jada Pinkett’s confessions: “It’s like emotional blindness”

Will Smith responds to Jada Pinkett’s confessions: “It’s like emotional blindness”

In a few days, the book ‘Worthy’, which includes Jada Pinkett Smith’s memoirs, will hit bookstores. This text is the autobiography of the actress, who captured her most intimate confessions about her youth, her relationship with her parents, her mental health problems and her marriage to actor Will Smith.

To promote her autobiography, Jada had a conversation with People, where revealed that she has been separated from Will Smith, whom she married in 1997, for more than seven years and they have two children in common.

“We are still seeing how we fix ourselves. We’ve done a lot of hard work together. “We feel a deep love for each other and we are going to discover what it is like for us.”he explained.

Likewise, he acknowledged that at the 2022 Oscars gala, when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock They had already been separated for more than six years.

Now, the response of the interpreter of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ was made known through an email sent to The New York Times.

“When you’ve been with someone for more than half your life, a kind of emotional blindness occurs,” assured the actor. Furthermore, he added: “You can too easily lose your sensitivity to its hidden nuances and subtle beauties.”

The American media has also highlighted the latest actor’s Instagram postsince he can be seen on a boat and has the description: “Notifications disabled”. For many people this has been interpreted as meaning that he is not going to give any further statements on the matter.

On the other hand, a few years ago, the actor in an interview for Tidal commented that I preferred not to use the word ‘marriage’ to talk about his relationship with Jada. “We prefer to refer to ourselves as life partners, which is what happens when you enter that space where you realize that you are literally going to be with the other person for the rest of your day.”yes.”

Likewise, in a conversation with GQ magazine in 2021, he talked about the notorious extramarital affairs that both have acknowledged.

“Although at first it was a monogamous relationship, now it is no longer”, he claimed. It is known that famous people do not live in the same house for a long time, since she has her own home near the marital home.

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