Winning an Olympic ticket to Paris 2024 could be at stake for Puerto Rico against Italy

Winning an Olympic ticket to Paris 2024 could be at stake for Puerto Rico against Italy

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Although not everything will depend on their performance, a victory for Puerto Rico early Sunday against Italy in the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 It could mean not only a pass to the quarterfinals, but also a direct ticket to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

This World Cup competition will grant tickets to the best two teams in America. Currently, the United States is the only one with a guaranteed spot in the quarterfinal round. Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Canada and Brazil will play this Sunday for a place in the last eight.

Puerto Rico has not played in Olympic basketball since Athens 2004, the occasion in which the still remembered resounding victory of the National Team against the United States Enebeis team took place. That was the first time the United States lost a game in the Olympics since it integrated NBA players into its national squads.

But since then, Puerto Rico has not qualified for basketball in the Olympic Games again, going blank for four editions. In 2024 it will be precisely 20 years without going to the maximum fair, after failing to get a ticket for Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020.

Achieving qualification this time as part of their performance at the World Cup in the Philippines, however, is not as easy as it sounds. Several results have to coincide, and the main factor will be that Puerto Rico surpasses Italy.

As the statistician and sports historian highlighted Carlos Uriarteif along with an eventual victory for the Puerto Ricans, defeats for Canada, Brazil and the Dominican Republic are added on Sunday, The National Team will be directly qualifying for Paris 2024, along with the United States, which has already advanced to the quarterfinals in this World Cup.

Apart from Puerto Rico’s game against Italy, Serbia and the Dominican Republic will clash in that same Group I. The two winning teams in those matches will be the ones that advance to the best eight phase of the World Cup. The losers will advance to a consolation round to define the ninth to sixteenth positions.

Meanwhile, in Group L, Brazil will face Latvia at 5:45 a.m., island time, and Canada will face Spain at 9:30 a.m.

But there are several possible additional scenarios. And it does not mean that the United States has already secured its ticket to Paris 2024, because if two or more of the four American countries that will play tomorrow in the round of 16 also advance to the quarterfinals, they will continue to be in contention with the United States for two Olympic passports. .

In any case, what will define which two American teams will qualify for the Olympic Games in this World Cup will be the positions in which they arrive.

According to the qualifying system for the Olympics, The FIBA ​​World Cup grants seven direct passes, divided into two for teams from America, two for Europe, one for Africa, one for Asia and one for Oceania. France, as the host of the next Olympic Games, is guaranteed to participate, for a total of eight places.

The remaining four that will fill the quota of 12 teams to play in Paris 2024 will be decided in two Olympic qualifiers to be played later next year.

There was already a FIBA ​​Olympic pre-qualifying tournament in August, at the continental level, among 40 national quintets that did not qualify for the World Cup. They were divided into five tournaments. Among those 40, five were advanced for next year’s qualifiers, in which a total of 24 selected teams will participate.

The five that won their respective pre-qualifiers held last month and will go to the Olympic qualifiers are Bahamas, Bahrain, Cameroon, Croatia and Poland.

Puerto Rico already has a space in the playoffs.

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