Wisin collaborates on Christian topics with Gocho and Redimi2

Wisin collaborates on Christian topics with Gocho and Redimi2

The Christian music singer, Gocho “The Platinum Pencil”, premiered the second part of the album “I’m not the same” with a special collaboration from Wisin and Redimi2 in which he is convinced that it is the most honest song of his career, “Connect with me”.

This praise to the rhythm of an urban ballad transmits the positive values ​​that Gocho tries to capture in each song of this new stage in his career.

“This song is about that moment when we say, Enough! “I don’t want to continue running away, I don’t want to continue being far from God, I want to get closer and connect to God and live in communion and friendship with Him,” Gocho said.

The realization of this song in collaboration with two other great voices of urban and Christian music, Wisin and Redimi2, is the fulfillment of a great artistic and personal desire for the main voice.

“Being able to unite Wisin & Redimi2 with this server has been something unforgettable, which we know will be a great blessing for many,” he expressed about the artistic meeting that was also perpetuated in an emotional video in which God’s blessing is extended. “That’s why we made a very intentional song, where we want everyone to know that there is no one so far from God that he cannot reach them, and that apart from Him we can do nothing,” said “El Lapiz de Platino.”

The video, which also premieres today on his YouTube channel, was directed by the renowned director, Christian Suauand was recorded at the Puerto Rico Museum of Art and other venues on the Island.

Prior to this release, Gocho presented the single “Mi Mejor Cancion”, together with another urban music figure, Farruko, a production that achieved an important position on secular radio by positioning itself at number 13.

Other recent musical releases


Puerto Rican singer-songwriter and producer Cauty premiered his new single “ABC” along with Brray and Party Animal.

This urban genre song brings a distinctive street slang of this genre, but at the same time, it comes with a very contagious rhythm. “ABC” is now available on all digital platforms along with the video.

Directed by Abez, the official music video for this song highlights the coastlines and Caribbean vibe on a private island. This video shows the celebration on a luxurious yacht that seeks to convey sensuality, partying and, above all, fun.

This song will be part of Cauty’s new album, “Notas & Desvelo”.


Nutopia presented his new tropical pop rock single “Palomino”. This summer song produced by Jay Rochet, Cvrrent and Nutopia is accompanied by a nostalgic music video animated by Cvrrent, but was directed and recorded by Jimmy Edward, Cvrrent, and Nutopia.

The video is a sample of a collaborative self-managed project that the band has been working on this last year. It serves as a follow-up to their opening act for “Fiel A La Vega”.

The song “Palomino” is a simple love story that is an ode to the island. It’s about going from Combate to Palomino, which is traveling through all the possible beaches and corners that the island offers, together with that person we love most.

It is a song with a rock heart mixed with tropical elements to close the summer. The song is accompanied by a music video inspired by the nineties, along with an animation full of references to this cultural era and the impact it had on Puerto Rico.

“A slow fire” (new recording)

Planet Child, announced the upcoming release of NP20, a hits collection celebrating his journey in music. Originally scheduled to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Nino Planeta, this release was temporarily postponed due to the global pandemic, but the wait has only intensified the excitement around this momentous event.

NP20 is a captivating compilation featuring all the singles released by Nino Planeta since 2018. The collection includes a new recording of the group’s iconic hit, “To simmer”, which brings a fresh perspective to an eternal favorite, which is currently number one on the National Rock ranking of the AZ Rock station. Additionally, NP20 delivers a hypnotic live version of their first radio single, “40 Millones,” capturing the essence of Nino Planeta’s journey since its inception.

“We are extremely grateful to our loyal fans who have supported us throughout our musical journey,” says Humberto “Kama” Cruz, bassist of Nino Planeta. “NP20 is a celebration of our unwavering dedication and a tribute to the power of music that unites us all.”

This compilation promises to be an immersive listening experience, combining rock, punk and pop melodies with emotive lyrics that resonate with audiences around the world. The collection highlights Nino Planeta’s artistic evolution and his continued commitment to expanding the boundaries of his art.

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