With new love Joe Manganiello, Sofia Vergara’s ex-husband?

Joe Manganiello, renowned Hollywood actor and ex-husband of Modern Family star Sofia Vergara, has once again made headlines after being seen in public with his new partner, who turns out to be 13 years younger than him.

According to ‘Cromos Magazine’, Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara had a relationship that seemed straight out of a fairy tale in hollywood. Their marriage was one of the most talked about in the entertainment industry, and they were considered one of the strongest and most stable couples in show business.

However, In July 2023, the couple announced their separation, which left many surprised, given that their relationship seemed to be extremely happy. Although the reasons behind their divorce have not yet been publicly revealed, it is speculated that they were due to irreconcilable differences.

Now, all eyes are on the future of both actors separately. Fans closely follow their professional careers and, of course, their personal lives, especially when it comes to the possibility of one of them finding love again.

According to the international media ‘Page Six‘The ex-husband of the Colombian actress was seen in the company of a woman known for her physical attractiveness. Apparently, it is the actress Caitlin O’Connor, who is 33 years old.

Both were spotted leaving Gold’s Gym in Venice, Californiajust two months after Joe Manganiello, 46 ​​years oldannounced his separation from Sofia Vergara, 51 years old. Once outside the gym, the actress and Joe headed towards the newly divorced car, where she occupied the passenger seat. These images have generated speculation about whether she could be the actor’s new partner.

Who is Caitlin O’Connor?

Caitlin O’Connor, is a Californian known in the United States audiovisual industry, she has stood out in several productions. In 2013, Maxim magazine named her one of the ‘Ten Sexiest Girls in America.’ On social networks, she has more than 610 thousand followers who praise her beauty and figure.

So far, neither she nor Sofia Vergara’s ex-husband have commented on the rumors of their possible romance. Meanwhile, photos of them together have gone viral and sparked speculation.

Although O’Connor is younger than Sofia Vergara, some online are already comparing the actresses and even finding similarities, suggesting that Joe Manganiello could follow a pattern in his relationships.

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