Without formalizing their intentions, none of the five people who are interested in the governorship by the PPD

Without formalizing their intentions, none of the five people who are interested in the governorship by the PPD

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One week into the internal period for presenting candidates in the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), as of this Monday none of the five people who have been identified as possible contenders for the governorship have formalized their aspirations, confirmed the electoral commissioner of that party. community, Karla Anglero Gonzalez.

He anticipated, however, that Pablo Jose Hernandez Rivera He will make his candidacy for resident commissioner in Washington official on November 5.

“Still, in the report (of intentions to aspire), I do not have any file for a candidate for governor. What we have are many requests. They have taken the documents,” said Anglero Gonzalez, to questions from The new day.

Press reports (El Vocero) indicate that Juan Zaragoza He would present his candidacy for governor this Monday at the PPD headquarters. Anglero Gonzalez declared, during the morning, to this medium that, on the list he has, Zaragoza does not appear. The senator did not return calls to address him on this issue.

The president of the PPD, Jesus Manuel Ortiz; the former candidate for governor, Carlos Delgado Altieri; the president of the Senate, Jose Luis Dalmau; and the mayor of Villalba, Luis Javier Hernandezcomplete the list of popular people who have said publicly that they are considering running for governor in the upcoming elections.

Zaragoza accelerates its pace

In the case of Zaragoza, its most recent report of income and expenses before the Office of the Electoral Comptroller (OCE), corresponding to the quarter from July to September, details that it had income of $36,906.70, all coming from political events held last month. Currently, the former Secretary of the Treasury also has $33,819.09 available in his account. The figure is greater than Ortiz’s $5,113.09.

Dalmau, like Hernandez, requested a five-day extension from the OCE for the delivery of its reports from the last quarter. But, so far, the senatorial leader has $110,624.10 in his account and Hernandez has $1,816.31. The latter, who also chairs the Association of Mayors, was in the red in his finances until recently, but he amended his reports, the OCE reported.

In the case of Delgado Altieri, the report from July to September reveals that he only obtained $1.78 in income, from electronic bank transfers, and expenses of $8,023.34 in printed matter, rental of sound equipment, donations to the PPD, professional services and food.

On October 16, the PPD opened the internal process for the presentation of candidates. The first step for every candidate for an elective position is to open an account on the State Election Commission (CEE) page in which they indicate their intention to aspire. That information is directed to the political party. Then, it is up to the applicants to take the physical file to the community so that it can be evaluated by a qualifying commission.

“I already have 50 requests, but no one has gone to file the files,” said Anglero Gonzalez.

He will make his intention to go to Washington official

The electoral commissioner of the PPD specified that, On November 5, Hernandez Rivera will present his aspiration for resident commissioner at the PPD headquarters, in Puerta de Tierra. The president of La Pava has already publicly supported the intentions of the grandson of former governor Rafael Hernandez Colon.

“There are others who have also been separating (the headquarters). In the coming weeks, the largest number of files will begin to be received”, estimated Anglero Gonzalez.

So far, only the mayor of Dorado, Carlos Lopez Rivera, and representative Edgardo Feliciano Sanchez have formalized their aspirations.

“Already, in this last week, many are beginning to file, and before Thanksgiving, most of the candidates file,” mentioned the PPD electoral commissioner.

The official or established candidacy submission period Electoral Code It is from December 1 to 30 of this year. Anglero Gonzalez said that the files received are submitted to the qualifying commission which, in the case of the PPD, is chaired by former judge Rafael Flores.

This qualifying commission must evaluate the applicants, verify that they meet all the requirements established by law and issue a favorable or unfavorable recommendation to the secretary of the community, who certifies or not the applicant. Then, this certified file is sent to the EEC as of December 1.

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