World Cup 2022: What is the salary of a referee at the World Cup?

The best referees in the world of football are also in Qatar for this 2022 World Cup . The ultimate recognition but also the assurance of leaving with a nice check. The Spanish daily As indeed reveals their remuneration for this 22nd edition of the World Cup.

The central referees are thus guaranteed to receive the sum of 70,000 dollars (about 68,000 euros) for their participation. Their assistant colleagues will receive 25,000 dollars (about 24,500 euros).

Nearly 10,000 euros per match from the round of 16

But this base salary can increase considerably with match “bonuses”. In Qatar, a central referee receives 3,000 dollars for group matches and then 10,000 dollars for playoff matches and the final. For the line referees and the 4th official, the fees amount to 2,500 then 5,000 dollars.

Finally, VAR requires, FIFA must now pay video referees. The latter earn 3,000 dollars for a group match and 5,000 from the 8th finals.

Six French referees have been selected for this 2022 World Cup. Centers Stéphanie Frappart and Clément Turpin , assistants Cyril Gringore and Nicolas Danos and video referees Benoît Millot and Jérôme Brisard. The better they perform in the matches where they officiate, the more likely they are to increase their remuneration.