World Television Day: what is celebrated and why it happens on November 21

World Television Day: what is celebrated and why it happens on November 21

Time, society and history changed as a result of the appearance of televisionarriving as a means of communication that revolutionized the entertainment format by taking a step beyond radio and accompanying sound with images, movements, actors and presenters, managing to bring together millions of people in a single broadcast format.

Television has been a key agent in transformation and social changedocumenting historical events, promoting information and social awareness, and generating a series of relevant dialogues around inclusive and influential factors in the dynamics of the entire world.

World Television Day

After recognizing the impact that television has had as a means of mass communication, the United Nations Organization (UN) held the first World Television Forum on November 21, 1996a month that coincides with the first successful public broadcast carried out in 1935. In this forum, key points were discussed that have led to cooperation in favor of the development of television programs that promote peace, culture, development and security, in order to disseminate the responsible use of one of the largest media outlets in history on public information channels.

Since then, every November 21st the World Television Day, fundamental technological milestone for the large-scale development of this medium.

Television history

According to an article from the Faculty of Social Communication of the National University of Argentina, at the beginning of the 19th century the first prototypes of televisions were born; However, the project bore fruit at the end of the 1920s when the first transmission of moving images was carried out. The rise of television began in the 1930sa time in which this medium had a very marked process of social consolidation, being used in large corporations that began broadcasting and marked the beginning of what is today the television empire.

The television has had an evolutionary change relevant over time, going from being a concept and artifact of privilege for a few to being a mass social spectrum. In the beginning, the content was purely informative, but this changed when it entered the world of entertainment in the 60s and 70s.

Initially, entertainment productions are summarized in television plays and musical programs; However, fiction programs and information formats that recounted the state of social and national events were incorporated. As time went by, local filmmakers were inspired by Latin American literary products to produce great productions on television.

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